HTML5 Whiteboard Magnets

Last Friday I posted a photo of these magnetic HTML5 elements from part of our homeschool curriculum, and several of you expressed interest in knowing how I made them.

It’s pretty simple: magnetic sheets that are compatible with any inkjet printer. I’ve used Avery magnet sheets

Design principles answer => “how”

Design goals answer => “why”

Design patterns define => “what”


  • Everything we do is political. Everything created by human beings inevitably carries the biases and philosophies of the people that created it. This is true with software as well.
  • The Web does not have strict top-down rules. Instead it is a bottom-up effort that runs the Web.
  • Goals lead down to principles. Principles lead down to patterns.
  • Pareto Principle = Design for the 80%. Instead of solving everything, aim for the bigger group (messier, larger) vs. structured, complete.
  • The Web is about sharing information and connecting people regardless of capabilities of their devices.

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